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Cool Room Installation

At Plus Minus Refrigeration we built our cool rooms and freezer rooms using POLYURETHANE panels,  combined with how we build the refrigeration system of the freezer/cool room, we can supply  you a system that is 100% energy efficient, which means lower energy bills.

Polyurethane is a relatively new product, roughly around 35 years. EPS has been with us for around 50 years. Polyurethane was produced to replace the shortfalls of expanded polystyrene.

Polyurethane Vs. Polystyrene(EPS)

R- Value - Polyurethane is the highest rated insulation in the world. You will find it in most refrigerators, freezers, even in personal coolers.  Per inch of insulation it has no equal.  EPS has a value of R-2 to R-5 per inch. POLYURETHANE has a value of R-7 to R-8 per inch.

Moisture Resistance - – moisture resistance is a very important factor.  Moisture causes mildew, mold and once panels become saturated it causes problems with efficiency. Polyurethane is number one in the building industry today. Polyurethane has one of the lowest moisture Permeability ratings of any product manufactured for the building industry today. The rating of polyurethane is 1.2. The rating of EPS is 2.0 to 5.0

Fire Resistance - the polyurethane contained within the panel is not a source for fire. Polyurethane will not burn on its own, in fact when left to burn the fire will extinguish itself.  Polyurethane is better defined as a thermal-set plastic, which means this product will not melt at temperatures below 1000 degrees. EPS on the other hand will soften at 180 degrees and it will melt at 240 degrees. 

Density - The density of a product will determine the strength of it.

EPS has a density of 1 lb, Polyurethane has a2.2lb.

Chemical Resistance - Polyurethane is resistant to most counter chemicals. EPS react violently to petroleum based products. PL 400 and liquid nail will literally burn thru EPS.

Manufacturing - Probably the biggest difference between Polyurethane and EPS is in the manufacturing of these panels. Both products use OSB for covering both sides of their foam, but here is where the similarity ends. Polyurethane is one of the best glues used in the industry today. Some manufacturers of OSB and plywood use polyurethane to bond their products together. When it comes to adhering, the use of polyurethane gives us both an excellent R- value and the strongest bond in the industry. EPS panels use glue spread on both sides of the OSB, and then the OSB is match together with the EPS, and mechanically held in place and under pressure until the glue is dried.

In other words,  if you want a cheap alternative with reduced efficiency, marginal structure and increased fire dangers, EPS is your solution.  On the other hand if you want to purchase a product that pays you back in efficiency and longevity Polyurethane is your answer!!!

For a free quote on new freezer/cool room or consultation on how we can make your existing ones more energy efficient call us now.

Plus Minus Refrigeration is proud to be the go-to name for all refrigeration and cool room installation /repair services across Melbourne including in Areas like Bayswater, Brighton, Burwood, Camberwell, Doncaster, Fitzroy, Richmond, Windsor, Carlton, Kew, Collingwood, Frankston, Malvern & more

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